About Kingfisher Energy


GreenFlame Briquettes and Logs are manufactured by Kingfisher Energy, which was started by Paul Gibbon who has more than twenty years’ experience of the renewable energy market in the United Kingdom. Paul is responsible for installing many windfarms and both solar and biomass boilers.

Paul's customers often asked him about sources of ECO fuel and this got him interested in sustainable wood fuels and the idea for Kingsfisher Energy was born.

Kingfisher Energy’s Stallingborough plant processes virgin wood, sourced exclusively from FSC – Forestry Stewardship Council - registered forests in the United Kingdom. The founding principle underlying the business being that a new tree is planted for everyone it uses.

Paul wants to harvest a sustainable Eco Fuel crop, rather than deplete a natural resource needed for generations to come. Biofuels, like Greenflame ECO Briquettes and Logs, can do this.

Our Stallingborough plant, just outside Grimsby, is situated in an area rated the 16th most economically deprived in the UK and provides good quality employment. We are proud to be backing Grimbsy and creating employment where it is needed.

We also believe that timber products, like ours, should be sourced in the UK, not imported, and as we will only use UK sourced timber we think our plant is well located to efficiently serve the whole country.

To give you a better idea of what we do, there is  short summary below.

Wood sourced from registered forests

The wood is cut and dried at the Stallingbourogh plant.

The wood is dried in the kilns

When the wood has been dried to a moisture content of 12% or less it is shredded so that it can be used in the next phase of the process.

The wood is shredded

The shredded wood is fed into the Nielsen Briquette press to produce briquettes and eco logs.

The chipped wood is formed into shape

The logs and briquettes are then packed, ready to be shipped to customers.


The logs and briquettes are packed ready for shipment

We manufacture both briquettes and logs. Which is better?

It is personal choice 😊 as both products are produced using the same process. Some customers prefer the squareness and functionality of the briquettes, as they are easier to stack and smaller so fit into small stoves, whereas other customers prefer the look of the eco logs as they are bigger and the stove will need less refuelling 😊.

They are both heat efficient, sustainable, and great value for money.