Frequently Asked Questions

Photo of GreenFlame Logs

Where can I use GreenFlame ECO Logs and Briquettes?

GreenFlame ECO Logs and Briquettes can be used in every kind of wood burning stove, log burner, wood burner, fire pit, chimenea and pizza oven.

In fact, anywhere, where you use traditional timber logs.

GreenFlame ECO Logs & Briquettes vs Ordinary Logs

They are GUARANTEED to produce more heat for less money than traditional timber logs. Depending on the type of wood used, between 25% and 50% more.

This is because they are also denser, dryer and cleaner, with a low moisture content and consistent size, and weight which making them easier to store and handle.

What Makes them "ECO"?

All our ECO Logs and Briquettes are made from wood from sustainable forests, registered with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

We plant a tree for everyone that we use. We believe that this is more environmentally friendly than using waste from timber industries, which could be using less sustainable timber.

Are Your Products Certified?

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GreenFlame ECO Logs and Briquettes are registered on the DEFRA Ready to Burn Scheme.

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Do I Need Logs or Briquettes?

That depends.

Logs and briquettes are manufactured using the same materials and processes, but with two different applications in mind.

GreenFlame ECO Logs are designed to look more like kiln-dried logs and give your fire a more natural look. Perfect for creating warm, homely fires. They feature hollow centres which makes them easier to light and burn.

GreenFlame Eco Briquettes look like bricks and are more commonly used in closed appliances. They burn more slowly and are more often used in appliances where the look and feel is less important.